Snappy Tomato Pizza Coupons

August 17, 2011

Snappy Tomato Pizza is known for their “Beast” pizza which is big enough to feed up to 10 people.  But, that’s not the only thing that stands out.  Each ingredient is prepared fresh that morning and thrown out at the end of the night to prevent reusing the next day.  It is quality that this pizzeria is after; not quantity.  If you’re looking for great savings to Snappy Tomato Pizza as well as your other favorite pizzerias; make sure to subscribe to this blog for the latest deals!

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Pizza and Food Available from Snappy Tomato Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – The Beast, The Chicken Ranch, The Loaded Potato, The Snappy Hawaiian, Meat Topper
  • BBQ Bacon Steak Hoagie
  • Ranch Rigatoni
  • Snappy Flatbread
  • Cheesy Tater Snaps

History of Snappy Tomato Pizza

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky was the first place to established this pizzeria back in 1978.  It was started as an independent corporation with the concept of serving unique and fresh quality pizza.  It wasn’t until 1993 that the concept was expanded when Charles Deter purchased the rights to Snappy Tomato Pizza with his personal company called The Deters Company.  With his professional experience he was able to begin franchising and expand the name and concept of Snappy Tomato Pizza.  One major factor that this pizzeria is proud of is their involvement in the community.  This applies with every franchise. 

Where you can find Snappy Tomato Pizza

Snappy Tomato Pizza has over 60 stores throughout the United States.  There is talk about one opening in the UK, but the corporate and legal documents are still being established and determined.  Its main corporation and initial store is based in Kentucky as well as most of their locations.  But, you can also find one in Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri and New Mexico.

Snappy Tomato Pizza Product Review

It’s really neat to be able to order from a menu being that it is considered a restaurant; and yet still has the option of a buffet.  I chose the menu because I wanted to try one of their specialty pizzas.  It’s definitely fresh and you can tell it hasn’t been sitting underneath a heat lamp just waiting to be delivered.  The crust is soft with just the right amount of crisp; cooked to perfection in my opinion.  The sauce isn’t overwhelming and does have a nice mild spice to it.  I can see why it would be perfect for a whole family.  I saw The Beast and it literally equals to about 3 large pizzas; definitely something I will be trying with friends. 

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