Sir Pizza Coupons

August 17, 2011

Sir Pizza is also known as Pizza King and has a unique way of franchising.  Aside from their Incorporated franchise without a main corporation; each Sir Pizza is ran by family and is often passed down through generation.  However, for over 40 years this pizzeria has received many awards for their pies regardless of location.  So, if you love to frequent Sir Pizza; remember to sign up for this blog to receive the latest coupons.  This also includes deals for your other favorite pizzerias; so what are you waiting for?

Sir Pizza is an actual pizzeria, but the rights are all that can be purchased to own and operate.  If you’re lucky to have one nearby; the first place to visit for savings is the printable pizza coupons homepage.  Instant printable coupons are available and can be utilized right away!  For additional coupons, make sure to check out campus food, coupon mint, and get restaurant coupons. 

Pizza and Food Available from Sir Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – Royal Feast, Farmer’s Almanac, King’s Feast, Queen Feast
  • Big Sir Sandwich
  • The Crusader Sandwich
  • King Wings
  • Garlic Cheese Toast

History of Sir Pizza

This is a very unique pizzeria.  Simply because there wasn’t a starting point that franchised from there; it was simply a name.  In 1965, Pizza King was established in Muncie, Indiana.  From there; Pizza King remained, but the rights to Sir Pizza began being sold to individual states.  This means that where you may find a Sir Pizza; the main corporate office is located within the state owned by a different family.  Because it became so easy to purchase the rights and declare their own Sir Pizza; the name has spread nationally and has won awards for many of the unique pizzas that are currently being served. 

Where you can find Sir Pizza

The first location was established in Indiana as Pizza King, but eventually sold the rights to Sir Pizza to occupy North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  However, Tennessee houses most of them compared to the other states.  In fact there are over 200 Sir Pizza’s located in the United States alone.

Sir Pizza Product Review

If you’re looking for a pretty pizza that is typically found in commercials; this is not your place.  But, if you’re looking for a tasty pizza that will make your taste buds happy – then look no further.  I was intrigued when they served the pizza with a side of ranch and blue cheese for dipping; but can honestly say it makes the pizza.  The cheese on top is very thick and everything is cut into squares; so it is easier to eat with the loads of toppings they apply.  I thoroughly enjoy this pizza as well as the atmosphere and would return again without thinking twice.  You either love it or hate it; I haven’t seen anyone say anything in the middle.  But, I’m a Sir Pizza lover!

Each Website is different based on location; but for the most popular one  visit: