Rocky Rococo’s Pizza Coupons

August 3, 2011

Rocky Rococo’s pan style pizza is what has attracted many to its location for over three decades.  Taking pride in their homemade sauce and dough; the taste has not been changed in all of its years servicing locals.  The same recipe from the 70’s is used today; regardless of the inflation on ingredient prices.  With their unique invention of a “slice box”; the name has skyrocketed.  If you’re a fan of Rocky Rococo’s pizza; remember to sign up for this blog to receive the latest deals for practically every one of your favorite pizza restaurants. 

The goal has always been to provide for families an affordable way to enjoy pizza.  Even with Rocky’s low cost; getting additional savings is always important.  Make sure to visit the printable pizza coupons homepage first for instant deals.  Afterwards; check out money saver online, coupon mountain, and rockys Madison for extra savings. 

Pizza and Food Available from Rocky Rococo’s Pizza

  • Specialty Pizzas – The Perfect Pizza, Uncle Sal’s Spectacular, Six Top Jackpot, The Garden of Eatin’, The Mother Lode
  • Pizza Slice – Super Slice of the Day
  • Austin Blues BBQ Rib Tips
  • Meatball Marinara Pasta
  • Dippable Breadsticks

History of Rocky Rococo’s Pizza

Rocky Rococo’s opened in a small town in Wisconsin in 1974.  The bread that was being baked daily filled the streets and was unknown at this time for the locals.  Rocky made sure that quality was part of every pie; so each pizza was served with homemade sauce and the finest toppings.  This included sausage patties rather than smaller balls.  Expansions began in the local areas as others wanted to be part of the franchise.  Many of the additional owners were initially a Rocky Rococo’s Pizza lover giving them that motivation to become a franchisee.  Hospitality has always been part of their slogan, so getting the feeling of family is important.  This pizzeria actively sponsors school programs, charities, and functions that can benefit the success of youth. 

Where you can find Rocky Rococo’s Pizza

The first location was established in Madison, Wisonsin and has grown to over 300 stores in the area.  You can practically find them on every corner!  The demand spread to Minnesota and Washington with Rocky Rococo’s Pizza being brought to every city within the three states. 

Rocky Rococo’s Pizza Product Review

When they say that the quality of ingredients are not compromised; they are correct!  Some of the best sausage pizza I’ve ever had; I’m a fan of their bread and sauce.  The sauce is tangy and flavorful; really packs a punch with every bite.  It’s obvious they took some time to create something this delicious.  Because the bread is buttery and doughy; the bread sticks and garlic bread is out of this world, too.  There are many stores in the North West; but I’m hoping they expand south and east real soon!

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