Red Brick Pizza Coupons

August 1, 2011

Red Brick Pizza believes that typical pizzas that are currently being served have lost its old Italian taste due to the modern ovens found in most pizzerias.  The Terra Cotta cooking method is Red Brick’s specialty and gourmet pizzas is what they serve.  If you are an avid patron of Red Brick Pizza; signing up for this blog would be a wise decision.  This way you’ll be able to receive the latest coupons from Red Brick Pizza as well as your other favorite pizza restaurants. 

Their “RedBrick” stone is the infamous oven that can cook your gourmet pizza within 3 minutes.  It’s a sight to see as everyone can watch their pizza being made right in front of them.  Since timing is convenient; savings should be as well.  For the best deals for Red Brick Pizza, the first place to check out is the printable pizza coupons homepage.  These are instant coupons that are available for a spur of the moment craving.  For extra savings; visit snoopf, 8 coupons, and get 1 free. 

Pizza and Food Available from Red Brick Pizza

  • Fresh Fire-Roasted Gourmet Pizzas – Four Cheese, Roasted Garlic Shrimp, Thai Chicken, Veggie Gourmet Works, Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Fire-Roasted Fhazani Sandwiches – Italian Cheeseburger, Chicken Pesto, Prosciutto Milano, Barbecue Chicken
  • Fire Roasted Gourmet Brownie with Gelato Ice Cream
  • Mozzarella Suprema Breadsticks

History of Red Brick Pizza

James Dean Minidis was a franchisee of a Little Caesars; and with that knowledge he was able to open a Red Brick Pizza in 2001.  His idea of gourmet pizza was to bring back the original Italian cooking method of Terra Cotta stoves which can be found in every Red Brick Pizza location.  The major benefit of this tasty way of cooking is the convenience as the pizza is ready to eat in less than 5 minutes.  Because of its success, many people wanted to franchise this unique idea and expansion began.  With expansion came many awards such as Top 50 New Franchises in 2005, Hot Concept of the Year in 2006, and Ranked 8th in the Future 50 fastest emerging chains.  

Where you can find Red Brick Pizza

There are currently 55 Red Brick Pizza locations throughout the United States and one in Canada.  Owner and Founder, James Dean Minidis did it right by placing all of the locations in a states that are spread out within the entire country.  The United States locations are: Arizona, California, New Mexico, Maryland, Florida, and Texas.  Alberta, Canada is the only location as of right now within that country.

Red Brick Pizza Product Review

This pizza gives thin crust a whole new meaning; but oven baked and crisp is exactly what you get.  Piping hot would be a great adjective with enough toppings to fulfill any appetite.  There is an abundant amount of cheese making each bite leave a residue of string.  As for the unique smoke flavor that is left with every bite; it’s better than most oven baked gourmet pizzas.  The fact is; I do believe that Red Brick Pizza has a point with the Terra Cotta cooking method.  I would recommend it to friends especially if they are pizza connoisseurs like myself.  Besides; it’s worth trying if you’re in the area. 

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