Red Baron Pizza Coupons

August 1, 2011

Red Baron Pizza is one of the most popular frozen pizzas sold in stores.  Their unique homemade flavor isn’t the only reason as the company specializes in convenience as well.  From single pizzas to family size deals; Red Baron Pizza fulfills any need for a large, active family.  If you love the taste of their pizza; remember to subscribe to this blog to receive the best printable pizza coupons for Red Baron Pizza.  Don’t forget that you will also be given the opportunity to collect additional savings for your other favorite pizzerias!

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Pizza and Food Available from Red Baron Pizza

  • Family Pizza (Classic Crust) – Special Deluxe Pizza, Supreme Pizza, Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza, Hamburger Pizza
  • Family Pizza (Fire Baked Original Crust) – Pepperoni, Roasted Vegetable, Italian style Meat-Trio Pizza
  • Pizza Singles (Pizza by the Slice) – 4 Cheese Pizza, Meat-Trio Pizza
  • Pizza Singles (French Bread) – Extra Cheese, 5 Cheese & Garlic, Three Meat

History of Red Baron Pizza

The idea of Red Baron Pizza was derived from The Schwan’s Food Company in 1976.  However, originally this company started its success in 1948 by manufacturing dairy products.  It wasn’t until 1966 that a salesman employed by the company began selling frozen pizza out of the route trucks that typically sold ice cream products.  Regardless of it being a national company; this particular salesman was based in Wisconsin thus creating the frozen pizza era.  Eventually, the demand spread throughout the United States and in order to market Red Baron Pizza; The Schwan’s Food Company created the Red Baron Pizza Squadron in 1979.  In fact, these biplanes represented the brand name for 28 years.   Since then, this company has expanded to offering 3 different frozen pizza brand names with Red Baron as its biggest success. 

Where you can find Red Baron Pizza

One of the largest providers of frozen pizza; Red Baron Pizza can be found almost anywhere.  Originating in the United States; all 50 states offer this brand in most local supermarkets.  However, since The Schwan’s Food Company technically provide 3 brands of frozen pizza; their products are sold in over 50 countries even if only be served through schools.

Red Baron Pizza Product Review

My personal favorite is the French Bread style since I have been growing up with since I was a kid.  But, for the purpose of providing an accurate review; I had to steer away from my favorite and try the other styles.  First off; the French Bread is crisp and offers one of the best tasting pizzas that can be cooked at home.  The 5 cheese and garlic is my favorite; but I enjoy any of them for a pizza fix.  As for the dough of their original crust; it’s light, chewy, and has a sweet taste to it.  It’s a compliment to the spice of their sauce; which I always enjoy.  The family servings are big and can easily allow leftovers; plus it’s quick to make and needs little to no maintenance at all.  It’s a family pleaser and something I grew up on that has become a tradition in my household.

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