Playtime Pizza Coupons

August 1, 2011

Entertainment and pizza have always been associated together.  It’s because both of them are considered fun!  Playtime Pizza is known for their 60,000 square foot building that is lovingly referred to as Kidtopia.  Arcade games, mini golf, laser tags, go-karts, and a theatre are only just a few stations that attract patrons to try their buffet style pizza.  If the family is a fan of Playtime Pizza; then remember to sign up for this blog to receive the latest deals from this pizzeria as well as your other favorites! 

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Pizza and Food Available from Playtime Pizza

            (Buffet Style Only)

  • Pizza Bar – Hawaiian, Supreme, Meat Lovers, Spinach Alfredo, Pork
  • Potato and Soup Bar – Baked Potatoes, Seasonal Soups, Garnishes
  • Pasta & Hot Bar – Secret Recipe Meatballs, Chicken Strips, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni & Cheese
  • Taco and Nacho Bar – Build your own Taco
  • Salad Bar – Multiple vegetables, garnishes and lettuces

History of Playtime Pizza

This 70,000 sqft building was established in 2008.  The idea was to provide a family oriented environment enjoyable for everyone.  The large buffet was just the beginning as feeding the masses was the primary goal.  But, with the additional space; Playtime Pizza was able to offer an extremely large arcade that can entertain the parents as much as the kids.  Also; Laser Tag, Indoor Go Karts, Blacklight Mini Golf, and Bumper Cars are just some of the additional features that it offers.  Due to the extreme size and benefits, expansion has always been a thought, but never acted upon.  This doesn’t mean that the company isn’t thinking about it in the future.  The unique website offers online gaming as well; as the purpose of Playtime Pizza is to have fun.    

Where you can find Playtime Pizza

There are many Playtime Pizza Inc. throughout the United States; but only one 70,000 sqft warehouse that is known as Playtime Pizza.  These two pizzerias are not affiliated.  The only location to date is in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Playtime Pizza Product Review

I will tell you; the primary reason of visiting Playtime Pizza will not be the buffet.  Although the selection is vast and you will be completely satisfied; there are far more things to do and see while dining.  The pizza, in my opinion, is your typical buffet pizza.  Nothing really special about it, but it’s tasty enough to enjoy and go back for seconds.  They do offer dried red peppers, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese to spicen up life for those of us who enjoy a kick with our pizza.  But, the Arcade and Blacklight Mini-Golf are both my favorite things to do when eating at Playtime Pizza.  The idea is ingenious and due to the size of its warehouse; being crowded has never been an issue. 

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