Pizza Hut Coupons

July 20, 2011

Pizza Hut has been in business for over 50 years and has been popping up practically everywhere with large expansions.  Mostly every family has enjoyed a pie from this pizzeria on many occasions.  There are even some people who have catered their wedding to enjoy the Pizza Hut flavor.  Since everyone enjoys good pizza; remember to sign up for this blog to receive the latest coupons from Pizza Hut and more. 

Pizza Hut offers specials that change daily, so the savings is always available.  However, it’s time to double up on the coupons!  First, check out the printable pizza coupons homepage for instant printable deals that can make a delicious dinner cost less.  Then jump over to groupon, 1 pizza coupons, and coupon cabin for additional savings.    

Pizza and Food Available from Pizza Hut Pizza

  • Pizza Hut Pizzas – Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza, Meat Lover’s Pizza, Veggie Lover’s Pizza, Super Supreme Pizza, Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza
  • Supremo P’Zone Pizza
  • Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo
  • Buffalo Burnin Hot Wings
  • Breadsticks

History of Pizza Hut Pizza

The first Pizza Hut was established in Wichita, Kansas by two brothers who borrowed money to follow their dream.  Franchising began in 1959 and by 1966 there were already 145 active locations.  One of their main signatures is the red roof that can be found on every pizzeria.  In 1971, they were voted the number one pizzeria in the world for sales and number of restaurants.  This didn’t stop the expansion because in 1972; they opened their 1,000th restaurant and began to go international.  Within 4 years, another 1,000 Pizza Hut doors were opened and multiple countries offered this fast food pizza delivery chain.  By 1994, there were Pizza Huts on every corner and internet ordering became an option during a time when computers were a luxury.  A full menu including pastas didn’t arrive until 2008 as well as ordering via text message.  It has been voted number one in many of the pizza related awards and stands tall as the number one pizza franchise in the world. 

Where you can find Pizza Hut Pizza

The question isn’t where it’s located; the question is where isn’t there a location?  First off, every state offers a Pizza Hut location in the United States including the District Of Columbia.  Internationally, there are thousands of locations throughout Costa Rica, the United Kingdon, and Southeast Asia.

Pizza Hut Pizza Product Review

I’ve ordered many pies from Pizza Hut; but really, who hasn’t?  They really have great deals and the quality compared to other fast food pizza delivery restaurants; I enjoy the pizza better.  Everything is completely customizable and I enjoy the sauce as long as its thin.  Of course, thick sauce is a personal preference; but it’s a little too tomato tasting for my palette.  The topping are pretty good and it usually has a pretty good amount.  Naturally this varies per location, but I’ve never experienced a scarce pizza.  As for the pasta, I really love the chicken alfredo especially when they add broccoli to the recipe.  When I have people over, the first place I call is Pizza Hut.  It’s affordable and filling and you’re guaranteed leftovers.

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