Pier 49 Pizza Coupons

July 19, 2011

Many pizzerias have specialized in making their own dough; but Pier 49 Pizza has taken that to a completly different level.  In fact this restaurant admits that there were many trials and tribulations done to create the perfect sourdough crust.  The idea was to be more than just a typical pizzeria; the goal was to become a successful gourmet pizzeria that would serve gourmet pizza starting with their legendary sourdough crust.  For those who enjoy Pier 49’s pizza; make sure to sign up for this blog to receive the latest printable pizza coupons to all of the best pizzerias in town! 

Sourdough attracts many consumers and can really make a pizza taste phenomenal.  Pier 49 Pizza assured this when creating their signature dish.  Don’t forget to visit the printable pizza coupons homepage for the best coupons available.  But, the savings doesn’t have to stop there!  Also, remember to check out groupon, city deals, and Pier 49 itself for additional deals. 

Pizza and Food Available from Pier 49 Pizza

  • Gourmet Pizza – Lombard Street, The Alcatraz, Nob Hill, Trolley, The Tourist, The 49er, Golden Gate, Bay Bridge
  • Alcatraz Sandwich
  • Meatball Parmigiana Sub
  • Sourdough Garlic Bread
  • Specialty Bread

History of Pier 49 Pizza

The original Pier 49 Pizza opened in 1991 with the idea of making the best gourmet pizza available.  It took many months for Pier 49 to perfect their infamous sourdough crust recipe.  Once they finally did, it was time for them to work on the remainder of the ingredients.  This pizzeria was established by multiple owners as there isn’t a single Pier 49 Pizza that is owned by the original owner other than the very first restaurant.  As they began working on perfecting the remaining ingredients of their gourmet pizza; there were many fails.  It almost seemed as if the idea of the best gourmet pizza was unachievable.  However, by using the finest mozzarella that is a bit more expensive; they found that it was the one thing missing to make the ultimate gourmet pizza.  Since this recipe was discovered; the franchise explosion of Pier 49 Pizza took the United States by storm.  And because of the different owners, each location has a personalized feeling to it.  The one thing that remains the same is the quality and taste.   

Where you can find Pier 49 Pizza

The name of this pizzeria in its slogan says “San Francisco Style Pizza”; but unfortunately there aren’t any locations in California.  Currently, Idaho and Utah offer Pier 49 Pizza with the majority of the restaurants in Utah.  There are 9 locations in Utah and 2 located in Idaho. 

Pier 49 Pizza Product Review

In this area, the big craze is thin crust pizza.  I enjoy it as much as the next person, but Pier 49 Pizza doesn’t disappoint with their thick sourdough crust and pizza.  I can see why they spent so much time on their toppings as the cheese is definitely something out of this world.  Gourmet pizza is what they serve, so don’t expect anything super quick.  The toppings look as though they are cooked thoroughly into the dough and it provides a great slice of pizza that is not only filling, but satisfying as well.  I would recommend it to people in the northwest that may be tired of the same old thin crust pizza.  Pier 49 Pizza won’t be a disappointment!

Visit their website:  www.pier49.com