Peter Piper Pizza Coupons

July 19, 2011

Who says good pizza doesn’t come with entertainment?  Peter Piper Pizza has turned the idea of a dining experience into a fun, family-oriented, time.  The locations are extremely large to accommodate parties and each have never ending games that can be enjoyed by everyone.  For the adults, there are numerous televisions, free wifi, and a large selection of wines and beers to satisfy your thirst.  If your family frequents Peter Piper Pizza often; make sure to sign up for this blog to receive the latest printable pizza coupons from your favorite pizzerias including this one!

Due to the large entertainment services that this pizzeria supplies; it’s important to save money and still have the luxury of enjoying all of their amenities.  If that’s the case, remember to visit the printable pizza coupons homepage for the best deals available.  The Peter Piper Pizza website also offer coupons and deals for the family as well as frugal living, shop at home, and get 1 free.  Check out all of them for the extra coupons!  

Pizza and Food Available from Peter Piper Pizza

  • Signature Pizza – Chicago Classic, New York 3 Cheese with Pepperoni, California Veggie, The Werx, Smokehouse
  • Handmade Bread Sticks
  • Popcorn Chicken
  • Cinnamon Crunch Dessert

History of Peter Piper Pizza

The founder of Peter Piper Pizza is Tony Cavolo and the family inspired pizzeria had its debut in 1973.  The original location, which is still open today, is in Glendale, Arizona.  The first location was considered small compared to recent sizes as it stood at 4,000 sqft.  Currently, most of the Peter Piper Pizza locations are spread throughout 10,000 sqft enabling more entertainment for families.  In fact the corporation that technically owns this franchise is called Peter Piper, Inc.  This isn’t the only pizzeria as they also operate 35 company restaurants throughout the United States.  The spread of this pizzeria mainly stayed in the southwest portion of North America and continues to grow each year.  As the locations became bigger, so did the entertainment and the latest games for kids was introduced into their large children entertainment area.  Because of this, Peter Piper Pizza was ranked 3rd of the Top 50 U.S. Pizzerias in sales per unit in 2009.   

Where you can find Peter Piper Pizza

As mentioned earlier, this is a south west based franchise.  Regardless of Peter Piper Inc. owning multiple restaurants nationwide; the exact Peter Piper Pizza is only located throughout Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.  It makes sense as the main headquarters is in Glendale, Arizona.  However, Mexico currently has 15 different providences that offer this pizzeria as well. 

Peter Piper Pizza Product Review

I was pretty impressed with this pizzeria.  I expected children to be running around while eating, but that wasn’t the case at all.  The seating is far enough away from the gaming area to keep it enjoyable for adults to watch some television.  The pizza had a lot of sauce on it and it had a tomato flavor, but not many spices.  The cheese is stringy and is melted on quite nicely, so I thoroughly enjoyed that.  The bread sticks are amazing when hot; just make sure to eat them before they sit for a while.  Best of all; their cinnamon crunch dessert is definitely something to write home about!  I love the way it is cooked and it has an abundance of cinnamon flavor that hits the tongue perfectly.  Great ending to a pretty good meal; and then its game time!

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