Papa John’s Pizza Coupons

July 18, 2011

It’s a household name and a household favorite; and that’s Papa John’s Pizza.  Mainly a delivery and take-out luxury; this pizzeria has offered their signature bread sticks along with the infamous pizza.  And though it is considered a “fast food pizza”; the slogan has represented the product well.  “Better Ingredients, better pizza; Papa Johns” has always stood out and is one of the first pizzerias thought of when ordering delivery.  If you’re a fan of Papa Johns; remember to sign up for this blog to receive the best printable pizza coupons for this restaurant as well as other popular pizzerias in the area. 

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Pizza and Food Available from Papa John’s Pizza

  • Specialty Pizzas – John’s Favorite, BBQ Chicken Bacon, Spinach Alfredo, Spicy Italian, Garden Fresh, Tucsan Six Cheese
  • Spicy Buffalo Wings
  • Parmesan Bread Sticks
  • Honey Chipotle CStrips
  • Cinnapie

History of Papa John’s Pizza

Founder John Schnatter felt that something was missing from most pizzerias and that was quality.  In 1983, John remodeled a back room of his fathers tavern called Mick’s Lounge and purchased some used restaurant equipment with intensions of changing that original concept.  He started selling his pizzas to the patrons at this lounge and it soon became a hit.  In 1984, he bought the vacant lot next to the tavern and opened the first Papa John’s Pizza.  The invention of this type of pizza didn’t stop there as the idea quickly expanded into thousands of franchises.  As mentioned earlier, it became a household name due to the vast area that offers this particular pizzeria.  It is currently the third largest pizza chain in the United States.    

Where you can find Papa John’s Pizza

The first Papa John’s Pizza was established in Jeffersonville, Indiana; but obviously didn’t stop there.  There are currently over 3,000 internationally with over 2,600 locations within the United States.  However, the UK holds about 200 Papa John’s Pizza franchises while Portugal houses the remainder.  As of right now there are plans to build an additional 5,000 restaurants within the next five years. 

Papa John’s Pizza Product Review

Most people have enjoyed the experience of a Papa John’s Pizza.  The pepper that is served with every pie combined with their special garlic sauce; it doesn’t get any better than that.  It’s typically a quick delivery depending on location and there are always specials going on.  Compared to other “fast food” pizza delivery restaurants, this one really does deliver a better pizza.  I enjoy their sauce for the type of pizza it is and appreciate when they listen to light or heavy sauce.  Papa John’s believes in heavy sauce so this is something to be aware of when ordering.  However, my favorite from the menu is the Cinnapie.  Basically, if you’re in a rush and are looking to feed a large group for a great price; Papa John’s Pizza is usually the favorite. 

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