Old Chicago Pizza Coupons

July 18, 2011

Old Chicago Pizza has a reputation of treating their guests like family.  However, that is no longer the only characteristic that makes them stand out.  World of Beer is a common enjoyment of locals.  It consists of over 110 beers from around the world are available and often will attract tourism.  Luckily, the food is just as enjoyable and attracts consumers as well.  So, if this has intrigued you; make sure to subscribe to this blog to receive the best pizza coupons for Old Chicago Pizza!   

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Pizza and Food Available from Old Chicago Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – Chicago-Style, Artisan-Style, Prosciutto & Mushroom, Thai Pie, Original “Chicago Seven”, Malibu Veggie
  • Italian Grinder Calzone
  • Infamous “Chicago Seven” Stromboli
  • Prosciutto, Shrimp, & Cream Pasta
  • Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls

History of Old Chicago Pizza

Old Chicago Pizza has a unique atmosphere that resembles its exact title, “Old Chicago”.  It was founded in 1976 by a couple of buddies who believed that a family ambiance as well as great food is the best thing that Boulder, Colorado needed.  They were right and the concept has increasingly grown throughout that last few decades.  These guys are not in the business for the fame and it is rare to hear of announced accomplishments from the restaurant themselves.  They are more involved with maintaining patron satisfaction as well as charity with their Rock Bottom Foundation.  The idea of having 110 beers and the World Beer Tour has increased their popularity among locals.  Basically, if you are able to try all 110 beers being documented by a personalized card; then you have officially completed the tour and your name will appear on The Famous Hall of Foam and in every Old Chicago Pizza location. 

Where you can find Old Chicago Pizza

The concept of this pizzeria has grown throughout the United States.  Due to doors initially opening in Colorado, the majority are found in that particular state.  However ,there are around 100 locations across 23 different states.  And guess what?  All 110 beers are usually not found within one location; so traveling to visit them all is the fun part!  The states that offer this pizzeria are Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Old Chicago Pizza Product Review

When they said that this place looked like Old Chicago, they weren’t kidding!  It’s interesting to see all of the resembling decoration as well as the array of beer.  I am a fan of brew from Europe; so that was a great addition to the meal.  The pizza takes a little bit of time to be served, but that is due to its freshness.  The combinations are interesting and truly remind me of authentic Italian.  The bread didn’t have as much spice to it as I would’ve preferred, but they made up for it with their sauce and extensive amount of cheese.  If a large amount of cheese is not your personal preference; request a reduction.  Regardless, you will definitely enjoy the pizza. 

Visit their website:  www.oldchicago.com