Numero Uno Pizza Coupons

July 18, 2011

Numero Uno Pizza is not only known for its pies; but also for its Italian Fine Dining.  Taking pride of their homemade values, this restaurant not only gets positive reviews for its food, but also for the dining experience.  If you frequent Numero Uno Pizza often; then remember to sign up for this blog to receive the best coupons from this restaurant as well as your other favorites! 

Fine wine is another positive trait that Numero Uno offers; so make sure to set aside some time to enjoy the full experience!  Now, everyone looks for savings; so make sure to visit the printable pizza coupons homepage for the best deals.  After you stop there; also check out coupon mountain, campus circle, and stock market weekly for additional coupons. 

Pizza and Food Available from Numero Uno Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – Meat-Za Pizza, Vegetarian, Slaughterhouse 5, Santa Fe
  • Specialty Pasta – Penne Arribiata “Hot & Spicy”, Linguine Pomadoro, Baked Pasta, Linguine with Clams & Artichokes
  • Romano Bread Puffs
  • Foot Long Garlic Bread
  • Famous Meatball Sub

History of Numero Uno Pizza

Numero Uno Pizza was established in Southern California in 1973.  It didn’t begin franchising until 1975, and managed to establish many stores within the area.  As for the owners, they remain nameless due to the massive company resign in 1999 by all of the top officers and directors.  Numero Pizza Company Corporated was established by a larger corporation who decided to take over the popular Italian Restaurant.  It has received the award for “Los Angeles’ Best” for many years and maintains the slogan “One Bite and We Gotcha”.  Because a bigger corporation established the restaurant; the franchises began rapidly expanding due to their franchise marketing. 

Where you can find Numero Uno Pizza

Numero Uno Pizza’s doors first opened in Northridge, California.  In fact many of the stores have been established in Southern California with the infamous two locations in Los Angeles.  There are currently 21 locations all within California.

Numero Uno Product Review

This restaurant proved to me that even a simple change can mean a whole world of difference.  I’m referring to melting cheese over the toppings creating a magnificent pizza.  The bread is soft and the cheese is baked on giving it a nice browned topping.  There is a large amount of toppings and the sauce is obviously copyrighted due to its unique taste.  The Romano Bread Puffs are a local favorite and understandably so.  It’s uniquely served with oil and their infamous homemade parmesan.  I recommend anyone to try it as it is not your typical bread and oil.  I enjoyed this pizza especially compared to other pizzerias in the area.  It has my two thumbs up!

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