Nancy’s Pizza Coupons

June 2, 2011

Many pizzerias claim to have the best pizza; but, Nancy’s Pizza actually has awards to prove it!  This is Chicago style pizza at its finest with stuffed crust to add to the fun.  So, if you absolutely love Nancy’s Pizza and avidly look for coupons; don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to receive the latest deals to multiple pizza restaurants! 

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Pizza and Food Available from Nancy’s Pizza

  • Specialty Stuffed Pizza – Nana’s Special Pizza, Chicken Broccoli Pizza, Garlic Shrimp Pizza, Chicken Cacciatore Pizza, Vinni’s Special Pizza
  • Special Thin Crust Pizza – Bacon and Onion Alfredo Pizza, Nancy’s Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Chicken Diavolo Pizza, Rocco’s Party Pizza
  • “Godmother” Sandwich. “Godfather” Sandwich
  • Italian Homemade Breadsticks
  • Spicy Potato Wedges

History of Nancy’s Pizza

Nancy and Rocco Palese lived most of their lives in Turin, Italy.  Establishing a family in the old country, they moved all three children to Chicago, Illinois for a chance of a new life.  Within 18 months, they opened Guy’s Pizza and tried to master the art of creating an original recipe for pizza.  Business wasn’t doing great, but wasn’t doing badly either; and Rocco decided to mimic the recipe off of his mother’s special recipe for Italian Cake.  It’s not sweet; as most Americans think; it’s the dough that made this recipe special.  Eventually he learned to market it correctly and was able to create Nancy’s Pizza along with their special stuffed crust.  Since then, the awards started coming in being voted “Best Pizza in Chicago” by different magazines and websites all through the 1980’s.  It wasn’t even the pizza; it was their pastas as well!  They’ve been winning awards for having the most authentic Italian food found.  And why shouldn’t they?  After all, they’re from Italy! 

Where you can find Nancy’s Pizza

Just moved from Italy, the Palese family opened the first pizza, (originally named Guy’s Pizza) in Chicago, Illinois.  There are 37 current locations with the majority found in Illinois.  However, they have managed to branch off to have 2 locations in Georgia and Indiana as well.

Nancy’s Pizza Product Review

The stuffed crust pizza is amazing and easily explains why they have received so many awards for it.  Be prepared to wait a little for the pizza because it is made to order; which is fine with me because then I know it’s fresh.  It’s not that you won’t be entertained; there are many things to look at and do while you’re waiting.  Is it worth the wait?  Absolutely!  The sauce is a bit on the tangy side, just the way I love it and the crust has a delicious flavor to it.  Truth is; I can’t put my finger on what the exact ingredient is – but it’s fantastic regardless.  I would recommend Nancy’s Pizza and give it two thumbs up for authenticity. 

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