Mr. Jim’s Pizza Coupons

June 2, 2011

Sometimes pizza isn’t the only special thing a famous pizzeria offers.  For instance, Mr. Jim’s Pizza is not only known for their whole wheat crust; but also for a recently added item called Nacho Stix!  It was this one item combined with great pizza that has lead to Mr. Jim’s success.  If you’re looking for the best deals to Mr. Jim’s Pizza; remember to subscribe to this blog to receive great printable coupons to a variety of delicious pizzerias!

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Pizza and Food Available from Mr. Jim’s Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – Mr. Jim’s Special, Pepperoni Deluxe, Mr. Jimaterian, Better Cheddar Burger
  • Premium Pizza – Sticky Fingers, Meat Eaters, Cheddar Fajita Chicken
  • Infamous Nacho Stix
  • JimZoni

History of Mr. Jim’s Pizza

Jim Johnson, an infamous Texan, actually opened the first Mr. Jim’s Pizza in Detroit, Michigan back in 1975.  He definitely wanted to bring back the homemade Texan recipe to his hometown, so eventually he did.  What has made this pizzeria famous is their worldwide beloved crust that is made daily from every Mr. Jim’s location.  It contains 100% spring wheat making it healthier than most other pizzerias.  In 2006, Mr. Jim introduced Nacho Stix; strips of their infamous crust with chicken, onion, jalapeno, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese with salsa.  From this point on, the need for Mr. Jim’s Pizza grew as well as their franchise. 

Where you can find Mr. Jim’s Pizza

A Texan opening a pizzeria in Detroit, Michigan was an extremely bold move to make.  Evidently Jim Johnson knew exactly what he was doing!  There are currently over 70 Mr. Jim’s Pizza’s throughout 5 states.  You’ll only find one in Michigan, (the original store); but you’ll find locations in Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wyoming.  Despite the first store being outside of Texas – the franchise headquarters is found in Farmers Branch, Texas.

Mr. Jim’s Pizza Product Review

I’ve always heard that everything from Texas is big; and Mr. Jim’s Pizza proved that right!  Their pizzas are clearly over 6lbs and there wasn’t one that walked passed me that seemed to be under.  So, needless to say; they don’t skimp on anything.  I enjoyed the pizza; it wasn’t fantastic and it wasn’t horrible – definitely serves its purpose in satisfying my pizza craving.  However, I can clearly see why the Nacho Stix became a patron’s favorite.  It’s a great combination of flavors and a great idea to load it on their infamous dough.  I would go back just for those and hope a pizzeria nearby mimics the idea!

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