Mountain Mike’s Pizza Coupons

June 2, 2011

Extreme is not the only thing Mountain Mike’s Pizza offers; it’s great pizza as well!  Blessing the west coast with their fresh ingredients, this pizzeria has become one of the top serving restaurants in the area.  So, if you’re looking for Mountain Mike’s Pizza coupons; make sure to sign up for this blog to receive the best printable pizza coupons from all of your favorite pizzerias!

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Pizza and Food Available from Mountain Mike’s Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – The Everest, Mt. Veggiemore, Pike’s Peak, Robber’s Roost, Snowy Alps, Chicken Club
  • Cliff Hanger Sandwich
  • Garlic Bread
  • Jalapeno Poppers

History of Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Palo Alto, California held the first Mountain Mike’s Pizza back in 1978.  Owner Ash Singh decided that the mountains of California deserved extreme pizza; all named after famous sayings for mountain climbing.  It didn’t take long before their infamous pizza began to expand; holding strong popularity for their Specialty Pizza – The Everest and Pike’s Peak.  Even though franchises began opening up in city areas without mountain ranges as a view; the décor is clearly mountain themed and the pizzas are large enough to feed 10 people satisfying even Paul Bunyon’s large appetite.  

Where you can find Mountain Mike’s Pizza

As mentioned earlier, the first location was established in California which is where you’ll find the majority of Mountain Mike’s pizzerias.  Currently there are over 130 active pizzerias spread out across 4 states.  The states that offers Mountain Mike’s Pizza are:  California, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza Product Review

This pizza is either liked or loved.  I enjoy the fact that they have an alternative to tomato sauce other than alfredo.  Their garlic cause is really good and a genuine compliment to the pizza.  As far as toppings are concerned; holy toppings!  You can barely see the sauce or cheese with the amount of ingredients covering this pie.  Don’t worry; it’s still possible to eat a slice without using a knife and fork.  But, you’ll be using silverware to pick up the droppings because they are just too good to be wasted.  The fact is it’s affordable pizza that can feed a large crowd while satisfying the need for good pizza. 

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