Monical’s Pizza Coupons

June 2, 2011

This isn’t your typical pizzeria; this is a restaurant made just for families to enjoy great pizza!  Monical’s Pizza has been a local favorite for years and voted best thin-crust pizza of their area.  So, if you’re a fan of Monical’s Pizza and are looking for great savings; make sure to sign up for this blog to receive only the best coupons on a regular basis!

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Pizza and Food Available from Monical’s Pizza

  • Specialty & Favorite Pizza – Happy Heart, Delight, Italian Special, Deluxe, Cheese Free Combo
  • Hot Sicilian Sandwich
  • Baked Ravioli Pasta
  • Pepperollies
  • Hot Wings

History of Monical’s Pizza

The idea of Monical’s Pizza wasn’t thought up in the very beginning.  The Monical family began making pizza for family and friends back in 1959.  It was obviously a hit and within that year the idea of Monical’s Pizza was born.  Expanding was inevitable and eventually grew into dozens blessing the local area with the infamous Monical family recipe.  Known as the “People Pleaser” – this family takes pride in making every guest feel as comfortable as possible while eating.  Every family is considered “family” and is greeted by first name basis.  If you’re looking for a family establishment that’s fun for the kids as much as the adults; then Monical’s Pizza is the best place to be!

Where you can find Monical’s Pizza

Because this is such a “hometown” pizzeria; it only makes sense for the doors to open in a little town called Tolono located in Illinois.  And due to its success being based on the love from family and friends; it also makes sense that all 66 locations are within the same area.  In fact, you’ll find the majority throughout Illinois; a couple in Indiana, and one in Wisconsin.

Monical’s Pizza Product Review

This is definitely a home cook pizza that can be found in a big city; like Chicago.  Their thin crust is really one of the best I’ve ever had; it has a smoky flavor to it that is unique in its own right.  It’s completely obvious that this is a recipe that has been perfected over the years.  The sauce and toppings are pretty good and their sausage is home made.  In fact, most of the items on the menu are made from their own recipe all the way down to salad dressings.  There seems to be a personal touch in everything I ate; so an “A” for effort is easily given.  I would and do go back all the time; even if its just for the breadsticks – I love the smoky flavor!

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