Mellow Mushroom Pizza Coupons

June 1, 2011

Talk about feeling psychedelic when walking into this pizzeria; it is Mellow Mushroom good!  Founded by a couple of college kids; they took the era and brought it into their restaurant with the determination to provide unique décor with quality pizza.  If you’re still a lover of Mellow Mushroom Pizza; remember to sign up for this blog to receive all of the best deals to every delicious pizzeria!

If pizza could be made in rainbow colors, Mellow Mushroom would do it!  Perhaps one day that personal goal will be reached.  In the meantime, make sure to check out the great deals on the printable pizza coupons homepage so that you can enjoy their pizza at a discount.  Also, don’t forget to visit pizza wars, coupon code savings, and of course; Mellow Mushroom that offers weekly promotions. 

Pizza and Food Available from Mellow Mushroom Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – House Special, Gourmet White, Mighty Meaty, Mega Veggie
  • Famous House Calzone
  • Bruschetta
  • Hummus
  • Over 600 different types of International Beer

History of Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Three local college kids; Marc Weinstein, Mike Nicholson, and Earle Reeves decided to open up a small pizzeria in 1974 right next to a local college.  They figured that every college student thrives on pizza and beer; so they knew that the crowd would soon follow.  Their first location was a “hole in the wall” but was successful regardless.  This is because they all believed that a unique and relaxed, (or mellow) atmosphere would win them their regulars.  It did and soon after the concept began to flourish.  Each franchise that has opened is locally owned and operated; but all share the same value.  Every single Mellow Mushroom Pizza has the mandatory outrageous décor; but in that personal owners style.  It’s a different “fun house” in every location. 

Where you can find Mellow Mushroom Pizza

The first, and most popular location, was opened on Spring Street right near Georgia Tech.  Naturally, the college kids swarmed this small location so soon it became time to expand.  Since then, there are currently over 100 Mellow Mushroom Pizzas across 6 different states.  The states that offer this unique location are:  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, and Florida.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Product Review

This is stone baked pizza, ladies and gentlemen; and it tastes like it!  Personally, I love visiting this pizza parlor simply because of the atmosphere and beer.  I mean, the selection is never-ending; so there have been many times that I’ve gone there just to have a few beers with some friends.  The pizza, on the other hand, is absolutely delicious.  Everyone has their specifics when it comes to good pizza; but mine is this one.  The crust is delightful due to the stone baked technique and the sauce has just the right tang to it.  Plus, I love the fact that their starters are called “munchies” to match the décor.  Nicely done!

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