Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria Coupons

June 1, 2011

This is corporate pizza at its finest!  Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria is just one of many different pizzerias that Milano Restaurants International own.  So, if you’re a fan of the variety of pizzeras that Milano’s offers including Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria; make sure to subscribe to this blog to receive continuous savings to all of your favorite pizza parlors!

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Pizza and Food Available from Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria

  • Signature Series Pizza – The Italiano, Greek, Garlic Pizza, Tuscan Harvest, Valley Veggie, Classic Combination
  • Tuscan Sandwich
  • Spicy Southwestern Calzone
  • Hot Wings

History of Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria

As mentioned earlier, Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria is not a family owned restaurant.  In fact, it is owned and operated by a company called Milanos Restaurants International.  They own 5 different pizza-related restaurants including Me-n-Ed’s Slices and Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Pastarias.  All of the different pizzerias owned still offer the signature style pizza that the original Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria  has made famous.  This means Me-n-Ed’s Pizza had to have opened first; and it did in 1958.  The CEO of this company is John Ferdinandi and he is an advocator in helping children’s hospitals with constant donations.  Therefore, it only makes sense that Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria would constantly hold fund raisers and dedicate some of their profit to a variety of hospitals. 

Where you can find Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria

The very first Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria opened in Fresno, California.  Truth is; all of these pizzerias can be found in the state of California.  In fact, there are currently 15 locations just in Fresno alone!  There are 51 locations of Me-n-Ed’s can be found  spread out between 31 cities.

Me-n-Ed’s Pizzeria Product Review

I was pleasantly surprised by this pizza.  The crust was perfectly crisp; not over done by any means.  Of course, being that it is oven baked – I expected to see burnt edges.  I didn’t experience this at all.  Their sauce is authentic made from real ingredients; nothing canned and it tastes fresh.  And the cheese and toppings were not scarce; so I’m happy about the fullness with each bite.  I would definitely recommend the pizza to anyone in the California area; and for those who visit – it’s worth the try to compare. 

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