Mazzio’s Pizza Coupons

June 1, 2011

Mazzio’s Pizza is also known as Mazzio’s Italian Eatery simply because that’s what they do; provide delicious, Italian food!  In fact, they believe the pizza should be so big that it needs to be eaten with a “knife and fork”.  So, if you’re looking for the best savings to all of your favorite pizzerias including Mazzio’s Pizza; make sure to sign up for this blog to receive continuous deals!

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Pizza and Food Available from Mazzio’s Pizza

  • Mazzio’s Ultimate (offering 50% more toppings and cheese than their Specialty Pizza) – Mazzio’s Works, Meat Fest, Greek, Taco, Chicken Alfredo
  • Specialty Pizza – Chicken Spinach Alfredo, Lucky 7, Chicken Club, Combo
  • Signature Calzone Ring – Pepperoni, Ham/Bacon/Cheddar, 4-Meat/4-Cheese
  • Cheese Dippers
  • Wing of Fire

History of Mazzio’s Pizza

The dream began in 1961, but it wasn’t called Mazzio’s Pizza.  In fact, it was formerly called The Pizza Parlor and Ken’s Pizza.  Ken Shelby, a school teacher from Oklahoma, started The Pizza Parlor while he was still holding a full time teaching job.  In 1965, he quit his teaching career and dedicated his attention towards the pizzeria.  He also decided to change the name to Ken’s Pizza and open a second store.  The success of the first two restaurants grew and enabled him to eventually open over 100 pizzerias by 1975.  However, at this point he wanted to change his way of business and decided to expand the small pizzerias into full, blown dining areas for the maximum Italian experience.  Adding meal items to the menu along with a full salad bar; the history and name of Mazzio’s developed into an Italian Eatery.  In 2007, the Mazzio Corporation bought out the rights to Zio’s Italian Kitchen and expanded the Mazzio name throughout the United States. 

Where you can find Mazzio’s Pizza

The first parlor was opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In fact, there are around 70 locations surrounding the Oklahoma area.  Currently, there are 150 locations across 10 states.  The states that offer a Mazzio’s Pizza are; Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and Illinois.

Mazzio’s Pizza Product Review

I didn’t realize that this was a buffet as well as a sit down meal.  I didn’t eat the pizza offered with the buffet, but I did order their specialty pizza, The Works.  It’s a bit on the greasy side, but again; nothing a napkin can’t take care of.  And there is a tremendous amount of cheese on the pie; so I get the idea of using a “knife and fork” to eat the pizza.  I prefer to get my hands dirty; but I enjoyed the pizza none-the-less.  If you’re craving pizza, definitely visit Mazzio’s; it’s homemade Italian food. 

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