Marion’s Piazza Coupons

May 25, 2011

Sometimes it’s not always about the recipe; sometimes it’s about the comfort.  And this is exactly what Marion’s Piazza offered.  One thing that the founder wanted to share with every patron was a sense of family.  Combining this notion with his great pizza; its success began.  If you’re a member of Marion’s Pizza and are looking for great savings; make sure to sign up for this blog for continuous deals from delicious pizzerias everywhere. 

Marion’s Pizza definitely made their mark in Ohio; a state famously known for its introduction of  pizza parlors.  So, if you’re searching for deals; remember to visit the printable pizza coupons homepage to receive only the best.  However, if you still want to add onto your savings collection; you can start by checking out foupons, road food, and Marions Pizza itself for deals directly from the source. 

Pizza and Food Available from Marion’s Piazza

  • Dayton’s #1 Pizza – Ripe Olives Pizza, Green Olives Pizza, Anchovies Pizza, Marion’s Super Cheese, Ham and Sauerkraut Pizza
  • Marion’s Hearty Sandwiches – Submarine, Tuna Boat, Corned Beef
  • Spaghetti and Marion’s Meatballs
  • Lasagna

History of Marion’s Piazza 

Marion Glass was the man who single handedly opened the first Marion’s Piazza in 1965.  He invested his life savings in a dream of providing good, quality pizza without portion control.  When he initially opened the restaurant, it had a capacity of 200; which was very different than the pizzerias that were in the area.  At that time, pizza parlors were meant for take-out only; so a restaurant atmosphere was unheard of.  Of course, this was until Marion opened the first Marion’s Piazza.  Eventually, this pizzeria expanded, but always held true the value of maintaining the restaurant ambiance.  So, regardless of where a Marion’s Piazza is located; each location has an available capacity between 275 people – 500.  Some famous celebrities often visit the pizzeria because of their dedication to its flavor.  Rob Lowe and Martin Sheen are just to name a few.  Unfortunately, founder Marion Glass passed away in 2006; but, that didn’t stop his son, Rob Glass, from success.  It’s a pizzeria that is still going strong. 

Where you can find Marion’s Piazza

There are currently 7 active Marion’s Piazzas’ serving the entire Ohio state.  Because it’s a family owned business; they have not been able to expand outside of the area.  However, that doesn’t stop them from believing that it may be an option in the future.  Currently you will find a Marion’s Piazza in these following cities: Englewood, Centerville, Beavercreek, and four locations found in Dayton.

Marion’s Piazza Product Review

I can see why there are longtime patrons to Marion’s Piazza as their pizza is definitely homemade and very delicious.  There isn’t anything crazy or unique about the different combinations offered.  It’s an “old time” pizza lovers dream!  They use all of the best recipes for pizza from when it was first created; simple, basic, and fresh.  There were two different parties occurring while I was there eating and it was neat to watch.  It’s a very big restaurant with pizza as its main course; and it looks as though the more people that get involved, the better.  I would’ve loved to have met Marion before he passed; I have so many questions about his concept.  This is by far one of my favorites to date. 

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