Ledo Pizza Coupons

May 23, 2011

Ledo Pizza followed the trend of making their pizza square.  However, when pizzerias began cutting costs by using round dishes; Ledo fought the overall pizza census and wanted to maintain great quality pizza for an affordable price.  If you’re a Ledo Pizza fan; make sure to sign up for this blog to receive the best pizza coupons to Ledo as well as your other favorite pizzerias!

Shape wasn’t the only thing on Ledo’s mind when making quality pizza; cost was another!  So, if you’re looking to save a buck; remember to visit the printable pizza coupons homepage for only the best deals.  Also, by checking out Ledo’s website; the first thing you’ll see is an additional coupon for your next meal.  And, of course, if you’re looking for extra deals; looking into coupon great, coupon circle, and even groupon. 

Pizza and Food Available from Ledo Pizza

  • Ledo Pizza – Buffalo Pizza, Ledo Deluxe, Hawaiian Pizza, Italian White Pizza, Sweet Chicken Ranch, Sweet & Spicy Buffalo
  • Ciabattas – Famous Ledo Steak & Cheese, Turkey Bacon Ranch, Hot Italian Cold Cut, South Street Cheese Steak
  • Buffalo Chicken Baked Cheese Fries
  • Chicken & Artichoke Bruschetta

History of Ledo Pizza 

In 1955, a trend started in Maryland with a new fad called “pizza”. The LEDO Corporation decided to jump on the bandwagon and open their first Ledo Pizza.  Unlike other pizzerias; it is not a family owned business, (though you will find families owning Ledo Pizza franchises).  The initial plan was to provide pizza to its home city and see where this “trend” went.  Based on word of mouth, Ledo Pizza’s popularity sky rocketed.  It became a Maryland favorite as well as the Washington D.C. politicians.  This pizzeria believes it’s due to never losing the site of wanting to provide fresh, quality pizza for an affordable price to families everywhere.  Because they still follow this Golden Rule; this pizzeria has been able to expand. 

Where you can find Ledo Pizza

The first Ledo Pizza opened its doors in Adelphi, Maryland.  Since then it has established an additional 52 stores within the state alone.  Don’t worry; it’s not the only state that this infamous pizzeria can be found.  There’s almost the same amount located in Virgina, a few in West Virginia, North Carolina, and District of Columbia.  In the meantime, you’ll currently find one location in Florida and Delaware, (though another one will be opening in Delaware within the year). 

Ledo Pizza Product Review

It was an interesting experience eating a pizza from Ledo Pizza.  It isn’t a bad thing, that’s for sure.  But, I think this is the first pizza that I’ve ever had where I would rather just order a cheese than add any toppings.  This is due to the solid crispiness of the dough, their sauce that has a different, but very good fresh taste to it.  And, of course, their homemade cheese.  If it wasn’t homemade, it tasted like it to me.  Regardless, I enjoyed their sausages as you can tell it’s a special recipe; but definitely loved the pizza itself without any of the additional items.  The original ingredients tasted THAT good.  I would go back and have already written a letter about opening one in my area. 

Visit their website:  www.ledopizza.com