LaRosa’s Pizzeria Coupons

May 18, 2011

LaRosa’s Pizzeria derived from a neighborhood love for Aunt Dena’s pizza recipe.  One store was satisfying until others found this hidden place filled with delicious pizza.  It became too much to handle and expansion was necessary.  If you’re a lover of Aunt Dena’s pizza and are looking for some savings to bring with you the next time that you visit; make sure to sign up for this blog to receive the best printable pizza coupons. 

Mom and pop shops always give you an experience.  But, don’t let LaRosa’s Pizzeria fool you!  This pizzeria may look classic, but has been proven to be very successful.  So, if you’re looking for the best deals, the first place to visit is the printable pizza coupons homepage.  And if you want additional coupons; remember to check out campus food, pizza coupon deals, and groupon.    

Pizza and Food Available from LaRosa’s Pizzeria

  • Classic Special Pizzas – Chicken Bacon Ranch, Roma Focaccia, Chicken Garlic-Pesto, Buffalo Chicken
  • Hoagys – Deli Royal, Chicken Italiano, Turkey Club
  • Pasta Meals – Ziti Alfredo, Ziti with Meat Sauce, Lasagna
  • LaRosa’s Famous Wings

History of LaRosa’s Pizzeria 

It all began when Buddy LaRosa wanted to share his Aunt Dena’s pizza recipe with the local church.  Everyone loved it!  This gave Buddy the idea of opening up a pizzeria to share this recipe with the neighborhood.  In 1954, his dream came true and he opened up the first LaRosa’s Pizzeria.  It’s been 50 years and this pizzeria is still going strong now offering franchises to spread the word.  Still owned and operated by Buddy, he has brought on his son and grandson to follow in his footsteps.  After all, a LaRosa should own the LaRosa’s Pizzeria company. 

Where you can find LaRosa’s Pizzeria

The need for Aunt Dena’s recipe initially grew in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This is where the LaRosa’s Pizzeria doors first opened.  Since then, it has expanded to hundreds of stores and can be found within 25 miles from each other.  This is due to the franchise being spread out between 3 states; Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. 

LaRosa’s Pizzeria Product Review

It was a hard choice to make when deciding on something to eat; simply because there are over 50 items available.  A lot of the menu items have a special “LaRosa ingredient” straight from a family recipe.  The sauce is obviously homemade and is a bit on the sweet side.  But, still – unique in flavor and delicious.  For good, quality pizza expect to pay a price, it is a bit on the costly side.  But, as the saying goes; “You get what you pay for” and I agree it’s pretty good.  The atmosphere reminds me of an older 1950’s diner, but upgraded a bit.  So, the décor is a little classic – but that seems to be the theme.  It really is a great place to stop by for a slice on the go. 

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