Incredible Pizza Company Coupons

May 15, 2011

Rock & Roll and pizza just seem to go together, right?  According to the Incredible Pizza Company; they believe so!  This buffet offers unlimited pizza, salad, and dessert along with a “fair-ground” full of games and rides for the kids.  So, if you’re looking for Incredible Pizza Company coupons, remember to sign up for this blog to receive the best from all of your favorite pizzerias!

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Pizza and Food Available from Incredible Pizza Company

  • Incredible Pizza – 8-10 different choices at all times; rarely the same.  Choices include: Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaii, BBQ Chicken, Spicy Peanut Butter
  • Homestyle Buffet Bar – Taco/Nacho, Frito Pie, Hot Dogs, Mash Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese
  • Pasta Bar – Sauces include: Alfredo, Marinara, Pink Sauce (mix between both)
  • Crisp, Fresh Salad Bar – with 80 different ingredients offered

History of Incredible Pizza Company  

Rick and Cheryl Barsness decided to open up this fun, family establishment in 2002.  This wasn’t their first experience with owning and operating a successful pizzeria.  In 1975, they owned 11 Mr. Gatti’s Pizza; but wanted to offer a different atmosphere to patrons.  So, Rick sold the Mr. Gatti’s franchise and followed his dream of providing a quality buffet as well as prime entertainment for all ages.  And this is when the Incredible Pizza Company makes an astounding entrance.  However, in 2003, Mr. Gatti’s sued Rick Barsness for violating contract and taking trade secrets.  Many believe that Incredible Pizza Company is completely different than Mr. Gatti’s Pizza and that the lawsuit was a ploy to obtain a settlement.  Unfortunately, it worked and Incredible Pizza Company agreed to a $1 million settlement as well as 1% of profit for the next 10 years.  The positive side is that this company has franchised throughout the south of North America and can easily afford the payment.  Regardless, this hasn’t kept the 50′s themed funhouse from actively spreading franchises throughout the states. 

Where you can find Incredible Pizza Company

The doors first opened in Springfield, Missouri.  This is also where the main headquarters for all 14 franchises is located.  Since Rick and Cheryl were professionals in expanding, they managed to establish the Incredible Pizza Company over 2 countries.  There is a location in Mexico as well as the following states: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas.    

Incredible Pizza Company Product Review

This is such a great place to bring the family!  It’s similar to Chuck-E-Cheese, but I believe is better in style, food, and games.  The buffet is very extensive and the variety of pizza offered is very unique.  Don’t worry; I saw cheese and pepperoni on the menu for those traditional pizza lovers.  I tried their Mac-n-Cheese pizza which was very interesting.  The bread is thick crust and the sauce is minimal.  I do sometimes enjoy pizza with less sauce.  However, the sausage lover’s pizza was full of the stuff, so pick your choices wisely.  The different food that is offered is great; especially to snack on while playing a wide selection of games and attractions.  I wouldn’t go here strictly for the pizza; but definitely for the whole dining experience. 

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