Hungry Howie’s Pizza Coupons

May 14, 2011

Everyone has heard of the bigger pizza chains that deliver internationally, but what about a pizzeria that has been up and coming for that last few decades?  Hungry Howie’s Pizza has been expanding their franchises across the United States and is taking the pizza chain industry by storm!  For the best Hungry Howie’s Pizza coupons, remember to subscribe to this blog to receive the greatest savings to all of your favorite pizzerias!

For bigger pizza chains, finding coupons are a dime a dozen.  However, the first place to visit is the printable pizza coupons homepage for deals from Hungry Howie’s Pizza.  If you’re looking for a variety; make sure to check out retail me not, pizza wars, and coupon divas for some savings.  Of course, going directly to the source of Hungry Howie’s would be a great find as well. 

Pizza and Food Available from Hungry Howie’s Pizza

  • Flavored Crust Pizza – Sesame, Butter Cheese, Ranch, Cajun, Garlic Herb
  • Specialty Pizza – Howie Maui, Sticky Fingers, Meat Eaters
  • Oven Baked Subs – Deluxe Combination, Pizza Sub, Meatball Lovers
  • Howie Breads – 3-Cheezer Bread, Howie Bread, Spicy Howie Bread

History of Hungry Howie’s Pizza  

Hungry Howie’s was initially a hamburger joint until 1973, when founder Jim Hearn turned it into a pizzeria.  His delivery guy, Steve Jackson, eventually became his partner and helped to establish Hungry Howie’s as the 11th largest pizza chain today.  However, this didn’t happen overnight.  In 1982, plans were built to start franchising the company and by 1983, the second franchise opened.  Within the next three years, 65 additional pizzerias opened holding the Hungry Howie’s name.  In 1995, they opened their 300th store and in 1999 was able to hit 400 stores throughout the United States.  In 2004, they were awarded “Chain of the Year” by Pizza Today Magazine and finally opened their 500th store in 2005.  Needless to say, it’s been a busy few decades for this famous pizzeria. 

Where you can find Hungry Howie’s Pizza

There are over 564 locations across 22 states in America.  The first location was established in Taylor, Michigan and became an instant hit.  Originally it was a small hamburger stand, but eventually converted into a strip mall now named as a Historic Monument by the city of Taylor. 

Hungry Howie’s Pizza Product Review

The flavored bread is a unique idea that really made the pizza.  I am a fan of ranch, so I made my own pizza including the ranch buttery bread.  It’s a little greasy; but, that’s expected in bigger chains.  Nothing a little dab of some napkins can’t fix.  The price is very affordable especially for the quality that you get.  I would, (and do) visit often and order delivery when feeding a large group of friends.  The crust itself sells me every time. 

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