Home Run Inn Pizza Coupons

May 14, 2011

Not many pizzerias offer frozen pizza to make up for lack of locations.  Home Run Inn Pizza is not only famous for their unique pizza, but also for their frozen food products that have replaced the need to visit the actual store!  So, for the best Home Run Inn Pizza coupons, frozen or fresh, remember to sign up for this blog to receive the latest savings. 

Since Home Run Inn Pizza has become so popular, the coupons are endless.  However, for the best deals from Home Run Inn, the first place to visit is the printable pizza coupons homepage.  If you feel the need to search further, you can look into zip 2 save, 8 coupons, and campus food.  For deals from the source, make sure to visit home run inn. 

Pizza and Food Available from Home Run Inn Pizza

  • Gourmet Pizzas – Muffaletta Pizza, Chicken Kabob Pizza, “Surf’s Up” Pizza, Gyro Inspired Pizza
  • Party Pizzas – Pizza Giardinara, Chili Dog Pizza, BLT Pizza, Spicy Pizza
  • Quick & Easy – Pineapple Pizza, Triple-Hitter Pepper & Sausage Pizza, Garden Fresh Pizza Roma
  • Holiday / Seasonal Pizza – Halloween, Football, Season, Valentines Day

History of Home Run Inn Pizza  

The name of this pizzeria has history.  Back in 1923, Mary and Vincent Grittani, owned a small bar in Chicago.  One day history was made when the tavern’s window was broken by a baseball.  This particular baseball turned out to be a home run from the local stadium; thus changing its name forever.  In the 1940’s, they introduced pizza to the menu and it became a sudden hit.  Being that Chicago deep dish is a very infamous style of pizza; their recipe is more of a traditional style.  This, of course, is not common in the area so its popularity quickly rose to the top.  However, this pub didn’t become an official pizzeria until it started marketing their frozen pizza.  With such a high demand in the frozen section, they decided to expand and open up restaurants that offer the same type of pizza found in the grocery store.  It’s one of the only pizzerias that derived from the success of frozen food! 

Where you can find Home Run Inn Pizza

The first Home Run Inn Pizza was a small tavern in Chicago located right next to Wrigley Field.  Since then, there are currently 7 pizzerias throughout Illinois.  However, their fame is from the Home Run Inn frozen pizzas and those can be found across 20 states making it a household favorite. 

Home Run Inn Pizza Product Review

This pizza was an unexpected delight; as I’ve never tried the frozen style, only the fresh one served at the restaurant.  Although, I hear from patrons that both taste exactly the same.  The sauce is just the way I like it; a little on the spicy side.  The abundance of flavor surprised me, but I enjoyed it.  The dough is very buttery and soft, (unlike the typical Chicago pizza) and there is the perfect combination of cheese and toppings.  A local recommended trying their sausage as that is made daily from the location; and I wasn’t steered wrong.  If I saw Home Run Inn Pizza in the grocery store, I would buy it in a heartbeat. 

Visit their website:  www.homeruninn.com