Hideaway Pizza Coupons

May 11, 2011

Being voted “Oklahoma’s Best Pizza”, this college town pizzeria has become quite famous.  They say it’s not just the location that’s prime, it’s the pizza as well.  If you’re looking for coupons to try this infamous pizza, remember to sign up for this blog to receive the best deals to your favorite pizza restaurants including Hideaway Pizza. 

Hideaway Pizza takes pride in being unique; allowing the patrons to decorate the place with their own inspired ways.  So, if you’re looking for some deals before you head on over to the Hideaway, make sure to check the homepage of printable pizza coupons.  But, if you plan on visiting more than once; look at coupon princess, money saving queen, and 8 coupons for some good deals as well. 

Pizza and Food Available from Hideaway Pizza

  • Specialty Pizzas – The ATW (Around the World), The Big Country, Paradise Pie, The Boz, Pizza of the Gods
  • Famous Fried Mushrooms
  • Fried Pickles
  • Dagwood Sandwich

History of Hideaway Pizza  

This small pizzeria was founded in 1957; the founder didn’t make it famous.  That is because a native of Oklahoma worked there and before he knew it, Richard and his wife Marti bought the restaurant with high hopes in this new thing called “pizza”.  It was the second pizzeria in the area, but quickly rose to the top.  During the 1960’s & 1970’s, the décor followed suit with VW Bugs throughout the location.  Because it was built right next to the local university, Hideaway Pizza became flooded with “hippies” and intrigued more patrons with its style.  In fact, flying kites was a favorite of customers since Marti wanted to incorporate it with each dining experience.  In the early 1990’s, Richard allowed a couple of managers to open another Hideaway Pizza with the commitment to carry on the name proudly.  They’re motto is “One Planet, One Pizza” bringing the best pizza to the best customers. 

Where you can find Hideaway Pizza

Since this has been named “Oklahoma’s favorite”; obviously the doors first opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  With a well-known groovy style, another location opened in Tusla, Oklahoma.  Currently there aren’t any plans to continuing expanding as they are proud to be locals of their initial establishment. 

Hideaway Pizza Product Review

This interesting looking blob with black hair sitting in the front of the pizzeria was the first thing I noticed.  The different colors that ran throughout the restaurant clearly portray a college feel to the atmosphere.  I ordered one of their specialty pizzas and was pleasantly surprised by the fluffiness of the dough.  The ingredients are fresh, but the sauce could be a bit tangier.  Again, I enjoy spicy food, so this is my opinion.  I would think that any pizza lover could appreciate the pizza for all of its positive qualities and I would recommend the try.  On a side note, I absolutely loved their Famous Fried Mushrooms.  Make sure to order this while you’re there grabbing a slice!

Visit their website: www.hideawaypizza.com