Harris Pizza Coupons

May 11, 2011

Known for its old-fashioned menu, Harris Pizza has fulfilled many families with their infamous homemade recipe.  Incorporating a unique futuristic feel to its olden ways, it has still continued to serve great pizza for decades.  For the best coupons to Harris Pizza as well as your other favorite pizzerias, remember to sign up for this blog to receive the best deals.  

It’s been hard finding coupons for this location, so it would be a pleasure to offer the best printable pizza coupons.  Make sure to visit the homepage for additional deals.  However, the only other places to look are foupons and the Davenport local coupon book.  You’ll have to avidly look, you just might get lucky.     

Pizza and Food Available from Harris Pizza

  • Specialty Pizzas I – Chicken Santa Fe, South of the Border, Three Alarm-Hot & Spicy, Cross Bar
  • Specialty Pizzas II – The Rink, Hawaiian, Shut Out Taco, German, Garden,
  • Specialty Sandwiches – Italian Beef, Reuben, Pizza Dogs, Grilled Chicken
  • Gold Rush Pizza Appetizer

History of Harris Pizza  

About 50 years ago, Leonard and Mary Harris of Rock Island opened the first Harris Pizza.  Since this type of food was new to the area, they literally had to give it away to get people to try it.  It’s a good thing that they did because they have grown to be one of the most beloved pizzerias in the area.  It is a family owned business with 3 generations of Harris’ running the restaurant.  When Leonard retired in 1995, his daughter, Kathaleen Harris Mosley took the role of president and began actively running it with her husband and family.  In 2002, Harris Pizza went through a major expansion having to close a store in order to complete it.  With this new remodel, now it was able to offer a larger menu as well as catering for parties.  Since then, they have continued to expand within the area using the infamous slogan, “The Finest Pizza in the World”. 

Where you can find Harris Pizza

Harris Pizza has become very famous within the area of Davenport.  The first location was established in Rock Island, Illinois.  However, the other 3 locations are found in Iowa.  Specific cities include; two in Davenport and one in Bettehndorf. 

Harris Pizza Product Review

There are quite a bit of ingredients that top their pizza, that’s for sure!  I enjoyed the pizza; it did remind me of an old-fashioned recipe.  The sauce is tangy, but on the sweet side which is very tasty.  And the crust is medium-thick; that’s really good for those who like less bread and more toppings.  The best thing about this pizzeria is that everything is made fresh; so be prepared for some hot, steamy pizza that needs a little cooling off before consuming. 

Visit their website: www.harrispizza.com