Happy Joe’s Pizza Coupons

May 9, 2011

Did you ever think that pizza and ice cream would be a good combination?  Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream did and it turned out to be a great success!  They have been serving loyal patrons for decades with their “old-school” themed pizzeria.  If you’re looking for the best savings to Happy Joe’s Pizza as well as other famous pizzerias, remember to sign up for this blog to receive constant deals.      

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Pizza and Food Available from Happy Joe’s Pizza

  • Mexican Pizzas – Matador, Nacho Joe, Taco Joe, Taco Supreme
  • Breakfast Selections – Omelet Pizza, Breakfast Burrito, Breakfast Rolls
  • Chicken Swiss Panini
  • Pizza Hero
  • Circus Funny Face (Ice Cream)

History of Happy Joe’s Pizza   

Founder, Joe Whitty, had worked in pizza all of his life.  He always had a dream of combining pizza and ice cream together, but none of his bosses thought it would work.  In the early 1960’s, he began approaching banks for a business loan with this special concept, and most laughed at him.  But, one bank gave him a very small loan to see what could be achieved, and in 1967 the first Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream was established.  The same year it opened, a special tradition was created that all Happy Joe franchises must carry on.  Around Christmas, the pizzeria closes for one day and throws a party for about 180 handicapped children every year.  Nowadays, Happy Joe’s has become a corporation ran by the children.   Needless to say, he was able to pay back the bank ahd establish bigger loans.

Where you can find Happy Joe’s Pizza

Joe Whitty opened the first Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream in Davenport, Iowa.  After moving from North Dakota, he felt that the area needed some great restaurants.  Currently, there are 26 locations in Iowa, 16 in Indiana, 2 in Minnesota, 1 in Missouri, 6 in North Dakota, and 5 in Wisconsin.  As you can see, Joe has been busy.

Happy Joe’s Pizza Product Review

I spoke to locals in the area and everyone told me to try Joe’s Taco Pizza.  It has received many awards and has a great, unique flavor.  So, that’s exactly what I did.  Thank goodness they allow different sizes; and the selection is extremely vast.  It was very good, reminding me of a taco perfectly.  The crust was crispy giving it taco appeal and I was very impressed with their homemade taco sauce.  Of course, I had to try some ice cream and enjoyed that as well.  I can see why the combination became successful as it is a 2-in-1 deal; dinner and dessert. 

Visit their website:  www.happyjoes.com