Gondola Pizza Coupons

May 4, 2011

Sometimes the most simplest of places offer the best Italian food.  That also means greaet pizza and Gondola Pizza can offer just that.  Known for its homemade, Italian recipes, this pizzeria has been serving longtime patrons for many decades.  If you’re in search for great coupons to Gondola Pizza; make sure to subscribe to this blog for printable deals. 

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Pizza and Food Available from Gondola Pizza

  • Gourmet Pizza – Chicken Pesto Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Pizza Bianca, Gondola Deluxe, Barbeque Chicken Pizza
  • Minestrone Soup
  • Sicilian Pizza Bread
  • Linguini with Clams (Red or White Sauce)

History of Gondola Pizza   

This pizzeria was built on recipes passed down through a family and an Italian immigrant’s dream when they moved to the Canada.  In 1962, husband and wife duo, Josephine and Sam Agrusa, opened the first Gondola’s Pizza using Italy’s infamous canoe as a mascot.  As time went on, they incorporated their children into the business.  In fact, there was a point when you’d find a family member running every aspect of the business; one in the kitchen, accounting and advertising, and even one greeting the customers.  They take pride in keeping the business within the family.   Since 1962, they have expanded by opening other Gondola Pizza franchises with the majority owned by family as well. 

Where you can find Gondola Pizza

The first Gondola pizzeria was established in Winnipeg, Canada.  There are currently 12 locations and they are all located within the city of Winnipeg.  High demand from local customers has coerced this franchise to stay in a certain region.  However, there are plans to open up more in other providences of the country.

Gondola Pizza Product Review

I can see why they take pride in their thin crust pizza.  It is very unique and extremely good.  That also means I enjoyed their bread sticks as it’s made out of the same dough.  Throw some toppings and cover it with cheese; and that’s a pizza my friend!  The sauce and cheese are a bit typical, and the slice I had was a little on burnt side.  I, happen, to be a fan of burnt pizza as it reminds me of oven brick; but I could see how someone would be upset about this.  But, other than that – I think the pizza is pretty decent.  I am, however, interested in how their other dishes taste so I will be back!

Visit their website: www.gondola-pizza.com