Fuel Pizza Coupons

May 2, 2011

One way to make a pizzeria famous is to bring the best of New York pizza to the Carolinas.  With a line that wraps around the corner, this will clearly bring some of the “city that never sleeps” to the country.  And we have Fuel Pizza to thank.  If you’re looking to receive the best pizza coupons from Fuel Pizza and other delicious pizzerias, remember to subscribe to this blog!           

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Pizza and Food Available from Fuel Pizza

  • Fuel Pizzas – Ultimate Pepperoni, Extreme Fuel Pizza, The Whole Engine, The Riviera, Pyramid Pizza
  • Famous Wings – “Homerun” for large groups
  • Diesel Toasted Sandwich
  • Fuel Stromboli

History of Fuel Pizza   

In 1998, a couple of New Yorkers who lived in the Charlotte area were craving some New York style pizza.  Since they had yet to find a pizzeria in the area that offered something similar, they decided to get together and show the south exactly how it’s done in New York.  Their focus wasn’t solely on pizza; they made sure to include calzones, strombolis, and toasted sandwiches to resemble the good food they once remembered.  In 2010, Fuel Pizza started chartering programs for 5 schools to plant a garden full of vegetables at each school.  They call it the “Field to Fork” program and the purpose is to teach kids to eat healthier.  Of course, for those who participate, students are able to attend a field trip to a Fuel Pizza location to learn about freshness. 

Where you can find Fuel Pizza

The majority of Fuel Pizzas are located in North Carolina.  The first store was established in Charlotte, North Carolina and expanded from there.  There are currently 7 locations within North Carolina and one in construction in South Carolina.  This is the first store to open in the southern state, but not the last.  There are plans to expand throughout South Carolina as well.

Fuel Pizza Product Review

I couldn’t believe that an old gas station is the infamous Fuel Pizza; at least the first location ever established.  The pizza is delicious and does resemble a New York style pizza.  Does it match it perfectly?  No, I’m afraid not.  But, I could see living in the Carolina’s and having a craving for some good pizza; this would be the place that I would visit.  The staff is unique as well; the uniforms are not standard and everyone looks extremely comfortable.  It’s a fun place to grab a quick slice on-the-go. 

Visit their website:  www.fuelpizza.com