Flying Pie Pizzeria Coupons

May 2, 2011

Are you in the mood for a movie and some pizza?  Flying Pie Pizzeria can make that desire come true!  Known for the restoration of a movie theatre, this pizzeria has made headlines with their unique décor and homemade pizza.  For great deals to Flying Pie Pizzeria as well as other unique pizza restaurants, remember to sign up for this blog to receive continuous savings.          

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Pizza and Food Available from Flying Pie Pizzeria

  • House Specialty Pizzas – Combo Supreme, Stromboli – Our Favorite, Your Hearts Content, Miss Piggy
  • Old World Pizzas – Stuffed Baked Pies
  • Calzone – The Zappi
  • The Muffalota Sub
  • Chiquita Mesquita Sub

History of Flying Pie Pizzeria  

Even though the majority of the Flying Pie Pizzerias are located in the northwest of the United States, the first store actually opened in Mountain View, California in 1974.  Because of the large profit, in 1978 they moved their product to Boise, Idaho and began a frenzy for pizza lovers.  Using 100% real cheese and only the freshest dough made every morning; this pizzeria has made a name for itself for over 30 years.  Each franchise takes pride in its uniqueness and uses pictures of patrons enjoying their meals as décor.  This also means to look your best while eating there; you may be gracing their walls with your presence.  The following locations that opened up in the northwest area are all franchise owned, but deal directly with the corporate office, now located in Boise, to insure that the same quality pizza is being delivered in every location.  In Portland, Oregon – Flying Pie Pizzeria decided to restore the Academy Theatre and offer their products their as well.  It’s what made them a household name in the northwest of the United States. 

Where you can find Flying Pie Pizzeria

The first location, as mentioned earlier, was opened in Mountain View, California.  However, they moved that location to the Boise, Idaho area in 1978.  From there, Ty Dupuis started a location in Portland, Oregon and has expanded the pizzeria within the area.  He opened other pizzerias in Lake Oswego, Gresham, Milwaukie, and Issaqua with future plans to establish more. 

Flying Pie Pizzeria Product Review

Make sure to bring a camera because the décor is out of this world!  There are board games to play with while waiting, tables hanging from the ceiling, and pictures everywhere.  It’s definitely an experience.  The pizza is loaded with toppings and is pretty good.  It’s not the best pie I’ve ever had, but worth the eat especially because of the ambiance.  If you visit the Portland store, make sure to look on the top right toward the third table – you’ll see a picture of me.    

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