Flippers Pizzeria Coupons

May 2, 2011

For gourmet pizza, Flippers Pizzeria is a great place to visit.  Known for their fresh ingredients, they have recently brought a chef onboard to expand the menu for Italian Cuisine.  Remember to sign up for this blog to receive printable coupons to the best pizzerias including Flippers Pizzeria.        

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Pizza and Food Available from Flippers Pizzeria

  • Specialty Pizzas – Smoked Bacon Florentine, Bianca, Fresca, Windy City, Rustica, Triple Pepperoni
  • Flipp’s Calzones – Cheese Flipp, Flipp’s Favorite
  • Signature Penne Pastas – Rustica, Prima Vera, Chicken Portabella
  • Roma Tomato Flatbread

History of Flippers Pizzeria  

The first Flippers Pizzeria was established in 1987 by a corporation with intentions of making the restaurant a national one.  The Flippers Pizzeria corporation takes so much pride in serving fresh pizza that they’ve built a commissary to support their cause.  Each location is extremely active in charitable organizations within their community.  In fact, the company makes it mandatory for any franchise that opens to establish ties with non-profit organizations.  By 1995, the restaurant added top chefs to each pizzeria to build the menu up to gourmet status.  Because of this, Flippers Pizzeria has been voted a top pizza location in the Orlando, Florida area. 

Where you can find Flippers Pizzeria

Currently, there are 9 Flippers Pizzerias located in the Florida area with 4 more stores opening in 2011.  The first location was opened in Orlando and grew from there.  There are 7 existing Flippers Pizzerias in the Orlando area with 2 locations on the outskirts in a city called Kissimmee.  There is one location in Clermont, Lake Mary, and a newer opening in Winter Springs. 

Flippers Pizzeria Product Review

Flippers Pizzeria provides some great food.  The atmosphere may turn some people away, but I’ve always been taught that the best food comes from places that you least expect.  The cost is reasonable especially for the size of these pies.  It will be very hard to finish this meal in one sitting, so be prepared to enjoy some leftovers.  The cheese has a unique taste, but is very good.  It does not remind me of pizza from large chains as there isn’t a cardboard aftertaste.  The crust is buttery and the food is served piping hot; so it’s obvious their meals are served fresh.  I would definitely eat here again, if I were in the area; it’s much better than a lot of the pizzerias surrounding Disney World. 

Visit their website:  www.flipperspizzeria.com