Five Star Pizza Coupons

May 2, 2011

Five Star Pizza is a common name used by many small franchises.  However, there is one chain that stands out above the rest.  Providing great pizza for locals, these pizzerias have made a name for themselves.  For the best pizza coupons to all of the Five Star Pizza locations as well as other delicious pizzerias, remember to subscribe to this blog for the best deals!      

Each store offers a decent savings, but the first place to visit for the best coupons is the printable pizza coupons homepage.  For southern locations, make sure to check out campus food and campus special for some good deals.  However, pizza coupon source and coupons i want offer savings for all Five Star Pizzas. 

Pizza and Food Available from Five Star Pizza

  • Specialty Pizzas – Deluxe, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Pepperoni Powerhouse, All The Meats
  • Cheezystix
  • Pepperoni Rolls
  • Cinnamon Rolls

History of Five Star Pizza  

John Gillespie founded Five Star Pizza in 1988.  He felt that the quality of pizza in the Gainesville area lacked flavor.  So, he opened the first store right next to the infamous University of Florida campus.  College students are what made this pizzeria famous; so John decided to expand and offer franchise opportunities.  The joke around the company is that a Philadelphia immigrant brought to Florida an age-old recipe and changed the way pizza was made.  The franchise idea began in 1990 and by 1995 had spread throughout the state.  Five Star Pizza takes pride in allowing each franchise to have their own personality; so you’ll find that the menu always has new items to try. 

Where you can find Five Star Pizza

The first two stores were opened in Gainesville, mainly to appease hungry college students.  However, this chain began to sprout throughout central Florida setting up its success northbound.  There are additional locations in Tampa, Ocala, St. Augustine, Newberry, and more.  Because of the popular name, you will find a location in Washington D.C; but, this pizzeria doesn’t have any affiliation with the corporate office in Gainesville. 

Five Star Pizza Product Review

The main location is right down the street from the college, so always expect it to be busy.  The atmosphere was entertaining as they make your pizza right in front of you.  Watching them toss the dough and pour on the ingredients helps pass the time while you wait.  The pizza is really good; the crust is crispy on the edges but still soft on the inside.  This goes for the pepperoni rolls as well.  I can see why these rolls are one of their most popular items on the menu; they are fantastic.  This is a great pizzeria to enjoy good food during a late night as they deliver until 3 am.  I would imagine that the college students take advantage of that more than any other group. 

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