Extreme Pizza Coupons

April 29, 2011

Extreme Pizza is using the best in life to deliver great pizza.  Their “extreme philosophy” insures that life should be spent outdoors conquering all of your fears.  And with such a memorable motto, the pizza is always baked to extreme measure.  For the best deals to your favorite pizzerias including Extreme Pizza, make sure to subscribe to this blog.     

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Pizza and Food Available from Extreme Pizza

  • Extreme Pizzas – Holy Cow, Green with Envy, Screaming Tomato, Railroad Grade, White Out
  • Monster Subs – The Ultimate, The Natural, Double Dipsy
  • Extreme Wings
  • Extremely Twisted Sticks

History of Extreme Pizza  

Founders Todd Parent and Michael Pastor opened the first Extreme Pizza in 1994.  Since they felt that most pizzerias contained typical sports memorabilia, they decided to use Extreme Sports décor as their main tribute.  Based out of San Francisco, their ultimate plan was to open 20+ stores within the California area.  However, as the demand for business grew, so did its franchise.  Both owners are very involved with the community and promote outdoor activities for the youth.  Extreme Pizza has won many awards for serving the best pizza in the San Francisco area since 1998. 

Where you can find Extreme Pizza

Extreme Pizza was originally started in San Francisco, California; so many of their locations are found in South California.  However, Todd Parent felt the need to expand the name of California Pizza, so locations are found in 13 states as well as one located in Dublin, Ireland.  The listed states are California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. 

Extreme Pizza Product Review

This is an extremely big pie; and yes – it does describe their name perfectly.  They obviously take “extreme” to a new level as there is an overload with toppings and cheese.  The sauce is not spicy by any means and lacks a kick, in my opinion.  But, the cost justifies the pizza especially with the amount that you are being given.  I give two thumbs up to the garlic twisted sticks as those can be eaten in one sitting. 

Visit their website here:  www.extremepizza.com