Eagle Boys Pizza Coupons

April 28, 2011

Even Australia needs to enjoy good pizza; and that’s exactly the thought that Eagle Boys Pizza had when they first started serving “down under”.  With their new innovating ways to make pizza, they have been voted the 2nd largest pizza maker in Australia.  For the best deals to Eagle Boys Pizza as well as your other beloved pizzerias, remember to sign up for this blog to receive continuous savings.   

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Pizza and Food Available from Eagle Boys Pizza

  • Gourmet Pizzas – Butchers Block, Bacon Bocconcini and Brie, Tandoori Chicken, Garlic Prawn, The Scorcher
  • Traditional Pizzas – Aussie and Egg, Hawaiian, Super Supremo
  • Choc Mud Pot
  • Dessert Thingie Apple Crumble

History of Eagle Boys Pizza  

In 1987, a local man of Australia opened the doors to the first Eagle Boys restaurant.  His goal was to provide great pizza throughout the country.  He developed a corporation and began expanding in New Zealand.  By 1995, there were over 55 stores located on the island.  Soon after, Eagle Boys Pizza began expanding through Australia.  In 2000, all of the chains that were established in New Zealand were sold to a company called Restaurant Brands.  They eventually turned all of those locations into Pizza Huts.  In the meantime, Eagle Boys bought all of the Pizza Havens throughout the country establishing it as one of the top pizza providers in Australia. 

Where you can find Eagle Boys Pizza

Obviously, this is an Aussie-ran company as all of the stores are located within Australia.  The first store was opened in Albury, New South Whales; but, the headquarters is placed in Brisbane.  The chain can be found in all of the major cities and territories with over 300 different locations to choose from.  The only notable place that an Eagle Boys Pizza does not exist is Tasmania.

Eagle Boys Pizza Product Review

The crust on their pizza is not as crispy as I like, but they clearly made up for it with the amount of toppings on each pizza.  The sauce has a lot of flavor, and is a bit on the spicy side; but nothing too hot that the census would mind.  I tried their loaded potato skins and was very surprised; they are delicious!  I was a little leery because like their pizza, the potato skin was loaded with toppings.  But, to my surprise; the combination was very good.  I would definitely visit again just to try their gourmet pizzas as the different combinations look very interesting.    

Visit their website: www.eagleboys.com.au