Double Dave’s Pizzaworks Coupons

April 27, 2011

Every family needs a pizzeria that is dedicated to pleasing all ages, and Double Dave’s Pizzaworks is it.  With constant activities and events, this pizzeria is infamous for its good pizza along with great entertainment.  For the best coupons from Double Dave’s Pizzaworks as well as your other favorite pizzerias; remember to sign up for this blog.   

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Pizza and Food Available from Double Dave’s Pizzaworks

  • Specialty Pizza – Dave’s Fave: with Meat or without, Buffalo Chicken, The Works, Classic Veggie
  • Peproni Rolls
  • Philly Cheese Steak Stromboli
  • Chocolate Chip Pizza

History of Double Dave’s Pizzaworks

In 1984, David Davyyd Miller sat down and created his vision of the perfect pizzeria.  It involved games for kids, live music, television, and fresh homemade pizza.  He had a flour mill create special dough and a cannery to do the same with the tomato sauce.  Double Dave’s Pizzaworks has always taken pride in having a family atmosphere that it allows its Corporate Officers to include their family for entertainment.  For instance, the CEO Chuck Thorp started out as a delivery driver in 1988 and worked himself up to the top.  He has a garage-based band that plays at certain locations a couple nights a week.  How many different places can you visit that has a corporate head officer entertaining you? 

Where you can find Double Dave’s Pizzaworks

Double Dave’s Pizzaworks is officially a Texas owned company.  There are currently 31 active pizzerias and 30 of them are located in Texas alone.  The first store opened in College Station, Texas and the company has grown from there.  If you live in the Lonestar State, chances are good that you’ve consumed their infamous pizza.  There is one more location in Oklahoma, of course being just north of Texas.  As of now, there are not any plans of expanding outside of the state other than in Oklahoma.

Double Dave’s Pizzaworks Product Review

There are some locations that have a buffet, and I visited one of them.  The pizza is okay, reminding me of many buffet-style pizzerias.  However, there are other items on the menu that are absolutely fantastic.  The infamous Peproni Rolls are very good; crispy flaky dough wrapped around pepperoni and cheese.  It gives a whole new meaning to a calzone.  And their different strombolis are very good with an abundant amount of ingredients.  It’s pretty delicious and worth a visit with the family. 

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