Cottage Inn Pizza Coupons

April 27, 2011

Cottage Inn Pizza was the first restaurant to serve pizza in the Ann Arbor area.  Because of this, the name has become infamous for the best gourmet pizza.  If you’re a fan of Cottage Inn Pizza and would like to receive coupons, remember to sign up for this blog.  You’ll also get continuous printable coupons from your other favorite pizzerias!   

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Pizza and Food Available from Cottage Inn Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – Bacon Cheeseburger, Deluxe, Chicken Mediterranean, Steak Supreme
  • Pizza Sub
  • Cottage Inn Stix
  • Oven Fresh Calzone

History of Cottage Inn Pizza

When it first opened in 1948, it was known as the Cottage Inn Inc. and became famous for serving the first pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Because of the popularity, the Cottage Inn owner bought the entire building in 1961 and began expanding.  The first remodel took place in 1975, but didn’t finish its expansion until 1987 after 3 different design choices.  Unfortunately, this didn’t help the growing patrons that continued to visit the location, so in 1993 it finally added on a second floor to accommodate.  This location is known as “The Original” as the other Cottage Inn Pizza’s do not have such an extensive atmosphere. 

Where you can find Cottage Inn Pizza

There are many locations available; some claiming the name Cottage Inn Pizza and others adding in the word “Gourmet”.  Regardless, all locations are owned by the same company and all are placed in Michigan.  There are 5 stores alone in the Ann Arbor area, and multiple more in Detroit and Washtenaw County.  Their plan is to expand into other neighboring states, but until then they consume the entire Michigan area. 

Cottage Inn Pizza Product Review

Would I call it the best pizza in Michigan?  No, not really.  But, I would say it is the best in the Ann Arbor area.  The pizza is a little on the greasy side, though they do offer pizza that is primarily for those with health issues.  I tried both, and the healthier pizza is better and less greasy.  You can basically get anything from the menu cooked in a “healthier way”, so you’re not limited to what you can order.  The cost is pretty good for the quality of pizza that you receive. 

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