Cassano’s Pizza King Coupons

April 17, 2011

Cassano’s Pizza King is known as a family oriented restaurant.  The Cassano family assists the community and has helped with providing quality pizza to the families in Ohio.  Since the continued expansion, they take pride in helping any community that holds the face of Cassano’s Pizza.  For the best printable pizza coupons, make sure to sign up for this blog and receive savings for Cassano’s Pizza!

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Pizza and Food Available from Cassano’s Pizza King

  • Signature Pizza – Pizza Packs (includes ingredients to Make Your Own)
  • Stuffed Italian Calzone
  • Garlic Cheese Strips
  • Toasted Ravioli

History of Cassano’s Pizza King

Founded by a husband and mother-in-law, Vic Cassano, Sr. and Mom Donisi; Cassano’s Pizza King opened its first store in 1953.  The shop sold over 400 pizzas in an 8 hour time frame.  Because of the high demand, Vic had to open more stores and quickly.  By 1958, 12 Cassano’s Pizza Kings surfaced.  In 1970, Cassano’s was ranked by the National Restaurant Association as one of the Top 4 Pizza Chains in the United States.  In the early 1980’s, the son of Vic Cassano sold a large portion of the restaurants to another named pizzeria, but kept a small amount for the family to continue operating.  Currently, this beloved pizzeria is owned by the 2nd and 3rd generation of the Cassano family.

Where you can find Cassano’s Pizza King

Cassano’s is a pizzeria chain mainly located in the Danton area of Ohio.  Although there are locations in Illinois and Missouri, the majority occupy Ohio.  However, the company has a smaller version called Cassano’s Pizza Express found in gas stations, convenient stores, and hotels nationwide.  A smaller way to enjoy the infamous Cassano’s Pizza!

Cassano’s Pizza King Product Review

Cassano’s Pizza King lives up to its name, “King” – these portions are huge!  The pizza has a signature flavor while the crust is delectable.  I can see why they’ve become popular with selling their dough frozen.  This pizzeria satisfies all needs; whether you’re looking for a place to eat or if you want to take it home and make it fresh.  Regardless of which way you choose, both pizzas taste exactly the same and are just as enjoyable.

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