Carbone’s Pizza Coupons

April 17, 2011

As most famous pizzerias, Carbone’s Pizza began its journey when two Italians started their life in America.  For over 50 years they have been providing old-school, gourmet pizza to patrons up north.  Remember to subscribe to this blog for the best deals to Carbone’s Pizza and all of your favorite pizza restaurants.   

Savings always help the food taste better so first check out the printable pizza coupons homepage before indulging.  If curious for more, visit campus foods and 8 coupons for some great deals currently available for all Carbone’s Pizza locations.  And if you’re in the Minneapolis area, visit Carbone’s Pizzeria and zip 2 save for specific savings.

Pizza and Food Available from Carbone’s Pizza

  • Specialty Pizza – Super Pie, Calzone Pizza, Veggie Pizza
  • Chicken Cacciatore
  • Carbone’s Famous Hot Hoagies
  • Italian Pizza Fries

History of Carbone’s Pizza

Carbone’s Pizza was introduced to Minnesota in 1954 by Nana Carbone and her two sons, Frankie and Mario.  Originally a family grocery store, the mother/son trio pulled infamous recipes from South Italy to create their popular pizza.  Carbone’s Pizza takes pride in serving the same, fresh pizza since the beginning.  The goal has always been to spread the Carbone’s family recipe, so the sons began a corporation that initiates franchises.  Currently, there are 34 restaurants providing the same quality and delicious pizza. 

Where you can find Carbone’s Pizza

Since the first store opened in St. Paul, Minnesota; the goal has been to insure quality pizza in the northern region.  It has spread out between 3 states.  Only one Carbone’s Pizza is located in Montana while 3 are currently in Wisconsin.  However, the remaining 33 pizzerias occupy the Minnesota area.  You can safely assume that Carbone’s Pizza is that state’s favorite pizzeria. 

Carbone’s Pizza Product Review

I’m a big fan of Carbone’s Pizza, especially the dough.  Their crust is fluffy and soft, so there isn’t a crispy crunch on the bottom, (often reminding me of a burnt oven).  The specialty pizza, such as the Hawaiian, is a personal favorite.  They put the right amount of ingredients to create a really good pie.  It’s a little on the greasy side, but still worth the buy.  The menu selection varies, so it’s a guarantee to find something that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

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