C C’s Pizza Coupons

April 17, 2011

Do not confuse C C’s Pizza for the famous buffet with a similar spelling; this one is more of a cuisine!  In fact, Italian cuisine is this pizzeria’s specialty.  For the best coupons for C C’s Pizza as well as your other pizza favorites, sign up for this blog to receive the latest deals!  

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Pizza and Food Available from C C’s Pizza

  • C C’s Special Pizza – Make Your Own with Great Ingredients!
  • C C’s Famous Hoagies – Steak & Chicken Top Rated
  • Homemade Rolls
  • Garlic Bread Sticks

History of C C’s Pizza

This is a very small pizzeria that house under 20 employees between two stores.  It’s owned by a private company that profits enough to stay in business, but not to expand.  Once the similar named CiCi’s buffet pizza was introduced, the restaurant differentiated itself by expanding the menu.  This little pizzeria offers over 110 items on the menu all specializing in Italian cuisine. 

Where you can find C C’s Pizza

Currently there are only two stores to date without expectation of building more.  The first store opened in Wernersville, Pennsylvania and shortly after, the sister store was established in Quentin, Pennsylvania.  However, with sister stores in sister cities – C C’s Pizza has still been able to build their reputation in the pizza industry.   

C C’s Pizza Product Review

Looking at the menu I couldn’t really make up my mind, but decided to order the pizza for experimental purposes.  I’m happy I did, though I’m curious on how their famous hoagies are.  The pizza is pretty good; has a tangy sauce and very soft bread.  The homemade rolls are buttery and delicious; I’d return just for the rolls.  My only complain is the size of the menu; if you’d call that a complaint to begin with.  And since the selection is so large, I probably would order something else if I returned; not because the pizza is bad, but because my curiosity is worse.

Visit their website: www.ccspizza.net