Boston Pizza Coupons

April 13, 2011

Who says that all of the best pizzerias are only in the United States?  Boston Pizza is known as “Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza” because of their unique flavor.  Remember to sign up for this blog in order to receive stellar coupons from Boston Pizza and your other favorite pizza restaurants.

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Pizza and Food Available from Boston Pizza

  • “Healthy” Whole Wheat Pizza – Florentine Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Basic Pizza
  • The Nooner – individual pizz and a salad
  • Calzones
  • Oven-roasted Salmon
  • Halibut and Chips

History of Boston Pizza

Initially opening their doors in 1964 when Greek immigrant, Gus Agioritis, built Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House.  Within 6 yrs, 17 stores were found throughout Western Canada.  In 1968, one of the franchisees, Jim Treliving, purchased the rights of Boston Pizza.  At this point, he proceeded to build 16 more restaurants in British Columbia with business partner, George Melville.  In 1997, Boston Pizza expanded to 334 stores throughout Canada and even into the United States and Mexico.

Where you can find Boston Pizza

The very first store was built in Edmonton, Alberta.  Since Boston Pizza is Canada based, there is a location in practically every district of the county.  Currently there are restaurants in 34 states including Hawaii and Alaska.  And, just to make it fair for the rest of North America, there are 3 locations in Mexico.

Boston Pizza Product Review

Pizza is not the only thing that is on this menu; so be prepared!  The pizza is pretty good and I would recommend it to anyone, but the other items are phenomenal!  Especially their Oven-roasted Salmon, it is one of the best I’ve ever had.  Each location has a different atmosphere ranging from a small pizzeria to a large sports bar.  My personal favorite is the sports bar ambiance mixed with great food and good brew.

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