Blackjack Pizza Coupons

April 13, 2011

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Pizza and Food Available from Blackjack Pizza

  • Classic House Pizza – Good Deal, Full House, Natural
  • Premium Special Pizza – Jackpot, Santa Fe, Mediterranean Chicken
  • Cinnabread
  • Cheesebread

History of Blackjack Pizza

Back in the early 1980’s, Dominoes was the only pizza chain available in the Colorado area.  A longtime employee, Vince Schmuhi, decided the market was in dire need for more options regarding pizza.  In 1983, he opened Blackjack Pizza to appease consumers.  Trying to make it corporate, Vince continued to open stores and by 1986, had 6 corporate stores and one franchise in operation.  The slogan, “Better Pizza, Better Price” originated when comparing Blackjack Pizza to Dominoes.  The service and delivery is just as fasdt, but nothing compares to quality and cost. 

Where you can find Blackjack Pizza

The first location opened in Federal Heights found in the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado.  Within 6 years, more pizzerias were established to occupy the Denver Metro Area. As of today, there are 45 stores within five states; Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. 

Blackjack Pizza Product Review

The pizza itself can be easily compared to popular chains.  The food resembles the quality and is worth trying if you’re seeking something quick.  The prices are relatively cheap and merit the pie that you’ll receive.  I do, however, compliment Blackjack Pizza for their Cinnamon Pie; it’s by far one of the best I have ever had.

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